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Silicon Engines Model 9012 CAN/USB Converter




Revision History




Latest software Versions as of August 3, 2018



Latest CANUSB.DLL vesion is

Latest driver and message center install package is 1.4.

Latest firmware revision is 1.5.



New Drivers in Install Packages 1.4



The latest Windows 10 updates require a driver update.

Please make sure to install the latest driver package if

you are using Windows 10.  The latest driver package is

automatically installed if you install the Message Center

or the driver package 1.4.


If you are using a 32-bit computer or Windows XP, you may

find that the latest driver package won't install on your

machine (fails to verify the signature).  In that case,

install an earlier version of the driver, such as 1.3

Message Center or driver package, which is located in the

"Older Versions" folder.


Make sure to execute the x64 program if you have a 64-bit

computer or the x32 program if you have a 32-bit computer.



1.3.0 Release



CANUSB DLL 12/29/15 9:35 AM


Fixed issue exiting application when no device connected.


New Drivers Compatible With Windows 8 and Windows 10.


Please note that the new driver package is signed with a

Digicert SHA2 EV certificate.


Native Windows 7 does not support SHA2 certificates.

You will need to install the following Windows Update:


Windows 8 and newer have native support for SHA2 certificates.


Windows XP requires Service Pack 3 for SHA2 support.


Warning: with this driver, if you try to install with a CANUSB

device plugged in, the driver installation will fail.  Then you

will have to unplug the CANUSB device, uninstall both the windrvr6

based driver and the current driver, and reinstall the drivers,

and then plug in the device(s) again.  See the README file in

the driver folder for instructions about individual driver

installation steps.



Problems With Certain Anti-Virus Software


Certain Anti-Virus software may prevent this software from

loading or installing.  For example, Avast on Windows 10 will

prevent the installation from completing.  It may be necessary

to disable your anti-virus software, such as Avast, during the

installation or first-time running of this software.  The root

cause of this is usually because the anti-virus software is

unfamiliar with this software (or any software from small

companies) and utilizes a heuristic based on the philosophy

that "little is known about this software" to block it.

Norton Sonar will also sometimes remove the 14230 USB Message

Center.  You will need to go into Norton and restore this

application to use it.



1.2.0 Release



CANUSB DLL 1/29/14 10:47 AM


Low-level bug fix for removing messages in proper manner.



1.1.0 Release



CANUSB DLL 6/4/13 9:20 AM

CANUSB Firmware 1.5 7/29/13 10:14 AM         

CANUSB Message Center 1.0.1 6/10/13 3:11 PM          


This is the first public release.


See User's Guide rev. A and Programmer's Reference Guide rev A. for details.



End of Revision History File


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