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Image of Silicon Engines automotive data converter Model 9001 ISO-9141 to RS-232 Converter

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CAN/USB Data Converter
Model 9012

The CAN/USB Data Converter allows a personal computer to act as a diagnostic analyzer during development and testing of an automotive ECU (electronic control unit) or industrial field bus system that supports the CAN communications protocol.


The CAN/USB Data Converter connects to a personal computer over a USB connection. It contains a built-in microcontroller that handles the CAN protocol and supports CAN data rates up to 1 megabit/s.   The CAN/USB Data Converter talks to the CAN bus at the selected CAN data rate, and transfers data to and from the PC over high -speed USB at 480 megabits/s.


Automotive Data Converters' Model 9012 receives all needed power from its USB connector. An internal regulator generates isolated power for the CAN transceiver.  The isolated power avoids issues with ground differentials between an automotive or industrial bus, and a personal computer.


No need for costly software packages to run the Model 9012. The CAN Message Center provides a desktop window to view and control CAN traffic. We provide .NET source code at no extra cost, which can be used to generate custom CAN bus test systems.



  • Compatible with two-wire automotive and industrial CAN systems

  • Supports CAN data rates up to 1 megabit/second

  • High-speed USB 2.0, 480 megabits/second, to PC

  • No dropped bus traffic at 100% CAN bus utilization at 1 mb/s

  • Built-in CAN bus termination, can be enabled/disabled from PC

  • Full electrical isolation between CAN side and USB (PC) side

  • Versatile trigger output keyed to specific CAN event for visualizing bus traffic on scope or logic analyzer

  • Includes USB cable to connect to PC USB port

  • Includes CAN Message Center Software for connected PC

  • Includes Microsoft Visual Studio/Visual Basic source code at no extra charge to provide a head start in developing custom PC software that communicates with CAN systems

Looking for a J1939 CAN controller? We've got you covered. Contact us.

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