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Image of Silicon Engines automotive data converter Model 9001 ISO-9141 to RS-232 Converter

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ISO-14230/USB Data Converter
Model 9010

The ISO-14230/USB Data Converter allows a personal computer to act as a diagnostic analyzer during development and testing of an automotive ECU (electronic control unit) that supports the ISO-14230 diagnostic interface. This Data Converter is compatible with Keyword Protocol 2000.


Automotive Data Converters' ISO-14230 Data Converter connects to a personal computer's USB port. It contains a built-in microcontroller that handles ISO-14230 initialization programmable for either 5-baud or fast initialization. Once the connected ECU has been initialized, the Model 9010 Data Converter communicates with the ECU at the programmed baud rate, ranging from 1,000 to 115,200 bps. The ISO-14230 Data Converter optionally supports the L-line, during initialization, as well as the K-line. It contains a programmable load resistor and wide-range power supply, allowing operation at either 12 VDC or 24 VDC in accordance with ISO-14230 specifications.


The ISO-14230 Data Converter comes with a PC program that allows you to initialize a connected ECU, to send messages using the ISO-14230 protocol, and to receive messages. While not a complete ISO-14230 protocol stack, this PC software greatly eases the task of developing and testing a Keyword Protocol 2000 ECU.


The 14230-OBD cable connects the Model 9010 Data Converter to a standard J1962 diagnostic connector.



  • Compatible with ISO-14230 diagonostic bus

  • For car and truck 12V and 24V systems

  • Model 9010 can also operate on a 5V K-line bus, useful for industrial control systems

  • Dual internal microcontrollers handle USB and ISO-14230 protocols

  • ISO-14230 data rate from 1,000 to 10,417 bps

  • Model 9010 also runs at up to 115,200 bps

  • Includes USB cable to connect to PC USB port

  • ISO-14230 Message Center Software runs on connected PC

  • Visual Basic 6.0 and VB .NET 2005 source code provides a head start to creating custom PC software to communicate with ECU

  • Use the 14230-OBD cable to connect to a standard J1962 diagnostic connector

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