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Image of Silicon Engines automotive data converter Model 9001 ISO-9141 to RS-232 Converter

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ISO-9141/RS-232 Data Converter
Model 9001

The ISO-9141/RS-232 Data Converter allows a personal computer to act as a diagnostic analyzer during development and testing of an automotive ECU (electronic control unit) that supports the ISO-9141 diagnostic interface.


The ISO-9141 Data Converter provides level conversion between ISO-9141 and RS-232, for connection to a PC. It converts the half-duplex ISO-9141 line to full-duplex RS-232 signals. The ISO-9141 Data Converter contains a built-in power supply operating from a 12 VDC automotive battery or equivalent line-powered DC source.


Many hundreds have been deployed for ECU development and testing worldwide for over nine years. Automotive Data Converters' ISO-9141 Data Converters have been used in development projects for GM Truck, Ford vehicles, Rover, Opel, SAAB, Mitsubishi, and many others.



  • Compatible with ISO-9141 diagnostic bus

  • For 12V automotive systems

  • PC handles all ISO-9141 software

  • Includes DB9 cable to connect to PC RS-232 port

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