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Image of Silicon Engines Model 13563 NFC RFID Gateway


Volume discounts available

NFC / RFID Gateway
Model 13563

The Model 13563 NFC/RFID Gateway is a versatile Near Field Communications (NFC) platform for NFC applications. The module provides a portal for smartphones and tablets to interface with a wide range of applications including vending machines, point-of-sale equipment and industrial controls.

The Model 13563 reads and writes data to High Frequency RFID tags and cards and can store data for use in applications such as access control and consumer loyalty cards.

In addition, the Model 13563 supports mixed-mode NFC/RFID applications. For example, it talks to both NFC-enabled Android smartphones and HF RFID loyalty cards. The gateway continually scans between NFC and RFID modes and switches automatically.



  • 13.56 MHz transceiver with built-in antenna

  • Communicates with smartphone or tablet using NFC

  • Near-field operating range

  • Reads and writes to industry standard HF RFID cards and tags

  • 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor, 120 MHz, provides system intelligence

  • USB full-speed interface to host

  • 10/100 Ethernet interface to host

  • Optional MQTT protocol support

  • Fully customizable for volume applications

Model 13563:  $199.00*

*Contact us for volume pricing.

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